//STORE enables these computing, economic, and governance primitives

Zero-fee settlement-layer enables

Zero-fee, peer-to-peer value transfer

Fast transactions

Scalable transactions

Democratic and 2/3 censorship resistant governance (one entity, one vote)

Tokenized Data enables

Data to be open and tradable

Data to be programmable by third party apps and devices

Data to have a monetary premium (like $STORE, $BTC, $ETH, $EOS, and gold)

Datacoin revenue to be shared with users, citizens, more

…which enables these high-level use cases

Zero-fee settlement-layer enabled

Tokenized data enabled (p2p cloud)

High-level Use Cases

Fast, zero-fee, programmable payments for the public internet

Voting on the global rules of a decentralized, zero-fee digital asset

Zero-fee, 2/3 censorship resistant value transfer of data as a digital asset

Voting on the global rules of decentralized, open, and programmable data

A web2 app developer opening APIs for other developers to build with (for $STORE)

An IoT device developer live streaming datasets for anyone to access (for $STORE)

A health care system making a prized and rare dataset available (for $STORE)

An autonomous car or drone opening its ML-ready, live data streams (for $STORE)

A local government streaming IoT device data for anyone to access (for $STORE)

(If we publish, we’ll award you with 100,000 $STORE – enough to compete in founding mining auctions.)

While STORE transactions are zero-fee for both end users and developers, if STORE is initially deployed as n ERC20 token on Ethereum, applicable gas fees apply on Ethereum. All settlement transactions on Ethereum incur gas fees. When the ERC20 STORE tokens are swapped with native STORE token tokens, transactions will be settled on the STORE network and at that time, zero-fee transactions are resumed.

STORE, with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower and more, is launching its long-awaited Milestone Token Sale (MTO)

STORE -- a zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower, Full Tilt Capital, Matt Ocko, AlphaBit Fund, Ari Nazir of Neural Capital, and more -- is launching its long-awaited Milestone Token Offering. This global Regulation D and Regulation S securities offering aims to bring over 500 new wallets and up to $4.97 Million of Treasury into the project. Register at: http://sale.storelabs.org.

STORE, a zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform, is pleased to announce its next Milestone Token Offering (MTO). This MTO is built on over a year of execution of key project milestones by the STORE team. View the official Private Placement Memorandum for this MTO at https://storelabs.org/ppm.

As STORE continues to execute on its vision, it anticipates offering 1-3 additional MTOs before mainnet launch.

Support for Storecoin grows as key milestones are delivered

Storecoin may open up an additional 1-3 Milestone Token Offerings (MTO) before mainnet launch
Milestone Token Offering (MTO)
Private Sale
Next MTO (Projected)
Visit http://storecoin.com/treasury to learn more about Inflation and Emission Schedules
NOTE: More than 43% of the current STORE circulating supply is registered to stake and secure Storecoin

Since inception, STORE has taken a strong anti-ICO stance and instead has committed to growing Treasury on the basis of achieving key project milestones -- thus its Milestone Token Offerings. These regulatory compliant MTOs focus STORE on transparent project execution while building long-term trust with its growing global community.

Here's a snapshot of milestones achieved since its last MTO in January 2018.

Our Milestones

November 2019 SourceWe dropped the "coin". We now have new name for our blockchain (STORE), a new site ( http://storelabs.org), and new name for the organization helping bring $STORE to full decentralization (STORE Labs, Inc.). Source
October 2019 SourceCreated the governance spec for Fault Tolerant Trust or "Trust-Your-Network (TYN)" where participants in an economic network can derive trust without using any centralized or third party entities. TYN can also be used for 2/3 fault tolerant voting. Source
September 2019 SourceSTORE releases its launch plan from zero-fee settlement layer (Stone Age) to decentralized democracy (Discovery Age) to p2p cloud (Revolutionary Age). Source
August 2019 SourceSTORE releases its Cost Per Thousand Transaction (CPT) research quantifying the costs of centralized and decentralized cloud computing. Source
July 2019 SourceSTORE conducts its first Ask Me Anything (AMA), this one with Messari. The project also announces its open source governances Source
June 2019 SourceSTORE releases its Litepaper, a 32 page high-level research document outlining the project Source
May 2019 SourceOver 43% of the current STORE circulating supply pre-registers to stake and secure the STORE public blockchain Source
Apr 2019 SourceSTORE launches its Research Division releasing specs on its address schema, its staking economics, and compares BlockfinBFT to other consensus algorithms like Tendermint Source
Mar 2019 SourceSTORE releases its long-term plans for a zero-fee, p2p cloud computing platform with data-backed tokens (datacoins) Source
Feb 2019 SourceSTORE joins the Messari Disclosure Registry; commits to fixed and long-term emission schedules for its treasury; the first simulation of our BlockfinBFT BFT consensus algorithm is released Source
Jan 2019 SourceThe governance peer review mailing list grows to 70+ Source
Dec 2018 SourceSTORE releases the first version of its zero-fee computing platform for internal peer reviewSource
Nov 2018 SourceSTORE releases its governance of checks and balances for public peer reviewSource
Oct 2018 SourceFirst version of the STORE Wallet is releasedSource
Aug 2018 SourceCommunity members are wearing $STORE tees in 56+ countries and our Telegram grows to 2,000+Source
Jul 2018 SourceSTORE releases a new inflation plan to be in alignment with sound money of gold and BTCSource
Jun 2018 SourceTesting on BlockfinBFT grows to 220 validator nodes and 40 message nodesSource
Apr 2018 SourceSTORE’s consensus engine BlockfinBFT becomes patent pending as to prevent malicious hard forksSource
Mar 2018 SourceSTORE pushes the Tendermint consensus to 169,00 transactions per second with 8 nodesSource
Jan 2018 SourceSTORE’s second milestone-based sale ends, adding 200+ wallets and $1.3 MM of Treasury Source

See our engineering roadmap here

About this Milestone Token Offering (MTO)

STORE will sell up to $4.97 Million in STORE during this Security Token Offering. The Regulation D and Regulation S offering aims to bring 500 new wallets to the project, with the purchase minimum at $2,500 and maximum at $1.79 Million. This milestone sale ends once one of the following occurs: the $4.97 Million maximum cap is reached or by August 30, 2019. United States purchasers must qualify as accredited investors. Sales to purchasers who are not U.S. Persons will be made only in accordance with applicable laws.

The sale will be offered as a sequence of three phased pricing rounds. Each sale phase will be offered on a first-registered and first-funded basis. Once a phase is fully registered and funded, the next phase will open up and be offered to the next registered buyer.

How the phased sale works

About this Milestone Token Offering

Project TypePublic blockchain and p2p currency
Token Type Own wallet
Use of TokenZero-fee payments, staking, governance (once staked), p2p compute resources, buying datacoins
Price per STORE token$0.139 to $0.559
Market Capitalization $35.57 Million to $143.07 Million
Appx. position on CoinMarketCap165 to 140
Treasury To Be SoldUp to 10% (100 Million)
Max Cap $27,900,000
Sales EndsApril 30th, 2020
Minimum Purchase ($USD)$500
Maximum Purchase ($USD)$5,590,000 (1% of total supply)
Previously Sold$3.30 Million (13.68%)
Last Sale Price$0.099 ($1.24 Million sold)
Anticipated Future Sales 0%
Projected Future Sale Type Milestone-based IEOs
Anticipated Token Release DateAs early as Q4 2019, as late as Q3 2020
Current Circulating Supply255,950,402
Genesis Block Supply1,000,000,000
*Estimated Year 2029 Market Cap $129.05 Million - $467.48 Million ($0.139 to $0.559)

*The Estimated Year 2029 Market Cap is based upon the represented prices multiplied by the maximum possible inflation and emissions schedule for Storecoin in 10-years based upon verified disclosures in the Messari Registry: https://messari.io/asset/storecoin

NOTE: Storecoin estimates 1-3 additional milestone-based and phased sales before its mainnet launch.

Use of Treasury

The proceeds from this sale will be used for a number of vital project building activities, including:

  • Releasing the alpha network for BlockFin, our parallel and pipelined consensus engine
  • Multiple security audits for our BlockFin BFT consensus algorithm
  • Begin hosting STORE meet-ups around the world
  • Releasing our Governance, Economics, and Security Papers for public peer review
  • Hosting the first-ever STORE Conference, a research and governance global gathering

Register for the Milestone Token Offering at: http://sale.storelabs.org.

About STORE Treasury

Token Details
Token Type
Name of Token
Token Usage
STORE begins as a zero-fee payment, staking (work), and governance (once staked) token. Once its p2p cloud platform launches, STORE will also become the utility token for purchasing p2p compute resources from miners and for purchasing data rights from the tokenized data marketplace.
Supply Snapshot
Staking Rewards
Genesis Supply
1 Billion STORE
Ongoing Emission Type
Max Inflation Per Year
20 Million STORE
Inflation Schedule
Will fluctuate to incentivize a maximum of 30% to +51% of STORE to be staked
Emission Schedule
Will decrease yearly but the project has committed to a predictable 1,000-year max emission schedule for its Foundation-controlled Treasury
Storecoin's Supply Curve

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The app for the Reg D and Reg S securities offering will go live on Thursday, June 20th at 12pm PT.

Register to purchase STORE now at http://sale.storelabs.org

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KYC/AML checks are required for securities law compliance. This will be a Reg D and Reg S global offering.


Nothing herein is intended to be an offer to sell or solicitation of offer to buy, STORE tokens or rights to receive STORE tokens in the future. In the event that STORE conducts an offering of STORE tokens (or rights to receive STORE tokens in the future), STORE will do so in compliance with all applicable laws which may include the Securities Act of 1933 and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, as well as applicable state and foreign law. Any offering for sale to US Persons in a regulated transaction will be pursuant to a registration statement qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission, or an applicable exemption from the registration requirements.